My 45 Day Kick Off

By: Ben "BennyBiz" Tuttle 

On Monday, April 13th 2020 I decided to embark on a lifestyle change for myself. I wanted to start not only getting into better physical shape, but focus on my mental health as well. A few months prior I was lucky enough to find the No Windy Sleeves team and become part of a motivational group that helped my mindset begin to shift. I noticed my desire to become a healthier person started to increase and I was asking a lot of questions that I had never thought to ask before and this is when I knew it was time. 

On that Monday morning, I started on a 45 day journey to begin forming habits for a healthy and active lifestyle. We decided to call it “The 45-day kickoff”. The reason was because as much as this was a challenge to me, I wanted to make sure there wasn't an “end” to this change in habits after 45 days. I had a plan for myself to be truly active 6 days a week as well as pairing this with intermittent fasting. 

Of course, at this point in time, Covid-19 started to pick up steam and I found (as the whole world did) completely confused as to what I was going on and found out I would be stuck at home for months to come. I felt a bit angry at the situation with the wrench put into my plans, but knowing I had the No Windy Sleeves team to lean on, that we would all be making alternative plans. The team was able to put together a regiment that could be done each day from my apartment. 

The next challenge that was in my head was overcoming the urge to watch netflix, and workout instead. Personally, being at the gym is motivating with the people around you working just as hard. At home, I have no one pushing me present, except for myself. I decided that I would be completely open with the No Windy Sleeves team if I was feeling demotivated or lazy that day to get the workout done. One day I actually sent a text out and received a video message back telling me to get my act together and work hard. That message, knowing that Ru took time out of his day to make and send a video back, gave me motivation for weeks. 

Motivation was growing and I decided that social media would be a form of accountability that could help get through the kick-off. I began posting photos; working out, meal prepping, lifestyle, etc. Much to my surprise I was receiving a ton of positive feedback that would provide an even bigger push. 

I have never been “lifestyle” consistent when it comes to working out, more of a person that does few months on and few months off. Something that was really humbling about the experience over the kick off, was people asking me different questions about everything from  nutrition, working out, my mindset and approach. It made me realize that how we go about living our own lives can have a direct effect on the course of direction for others. 

At the end of this kick off I have an entirely new perspective on how to approach my days, developing habits, being over prepared in my plan, BUT balance that with the fun things we like to do in our free time. My biggest takeaway is that those fun things must be earned, and they are so much more enjoyable when you know you worked extremely hard to get there. 

I would love to have conversations with anyone that is beginning their journey into a healthier lifestyle that may have a mental block, or don't really understand how to approach getting started. No Windy Sleeves has changed my life for the better in a short period of time, do you think it can do the same for yours? 


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